Presto Tips

Presto Tips

Tip #1: Send a simple message

Want to send a message using Presto to your loved one? Type your message, choose a template and schedule delivery. Learn more

Tip #2: Share photos

Did you know you can send photos to the Presto Printing Mailbox? Click on "attachment" and add photos to your message. Learn more

Tip #3: Cell phone photos

Want to share a picture from your phone? Just add your cell number to "Your Account" and you can email cell photos to the Presto Printing Mailbox and make her day. Learn more

Tip #4: Schedule messages

Have a busy week, but want to be sure the messages keep printing? You can schedule messages for delivery any time, or even set up recurrences (have the same message delivered daily, weekly or monthly.) Learn more

Tip #5: Schedule reminders

Keeping everyone in the loop can be hard. Schedule simple reminders for family events, appointments, and important dates. One reminder can be delivered two ways: your loved one can receive a print-out from their Printing Mailbox and everyone else receives an email. Learn more

Tip #6: Special messages

Want to share a photo for that special day, and have it feel like a personalized card? All you need to do is attach your favorite photo, select a template and schedule delivery. What comes out of the Printing Mailbox is something they'll cherish. Learn more

Tip #7: Appointment reminders

Want to get your loved one all the details of the next appointment with their accountant, and make sure it won't be forgotten? You can schedule delivery of an appointment reminder to the Printing Mailbox with the time, date, location and notes. Learn more

Tip #8: Coordinate rides

You've arranged for a family friend to provide a ride for your loved one to the family reunion. Send one reminder and have it delivered the day before to both — your loved one will receive it on the Printing Mailbox and the family friend via email. Learn more

Tip #9: Recurring reminders

Taking Mom or Dad to the physical therapist or the beauty salon at the same time every Monday? You only have to set up a reminder once and it will be delivered every Sunday evening with notes on what time you'll pick them up and where you're going. Learn more

Tip #10: To-do lists

The handyman is stopping by your loved one's house to take care of a few things and you can't be there. Help out by sending a list of tasks to the Presto Printing Mailbox. Your loved one can just pass it on and you can rest assured all the to-do's will get done. Learn more

Tip #11: Shopping lists

Visiting for the weekend and your loved one wants to know what to pick up at the store for you and the kids? Use the To-do list feature to send a shopping list to the Presto Printing Mailbox. Learn more

Tip #12: Brain exercise

Did you know that you can sign Mom or Dad up to get a Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku or Jumble delivered every day to the Presto Printing Mailbox? Learn more

Tip #13: Hobbies and humor

Help Mom or Dad cultivate hobbies or humor. At the Presto Newsstand, sign them up for free news articles about everything from decorating to health to travel tips from Ed Perkins. Learn more

Tip #14: Larger font

Does Mom or Dad have trouble reading small print? Use settings to choose a larger font for printed messages. Learn more

Tip #15: No Spam

Did you know that with Presto, only messages from senders YOU approve get delivered to the Printing Mailbox? Let the whole family reach out — add a Presto Friend now. Learn more

Tip #16: Printing Mailbox Supplies

How are they doing on ink? At your PrestoConnect Home Page, you can check ink status and link to the Presto Store to have more ink sent so Mom and Dad don't miss a message. Learn more

Tip #17: Activity

Wonder if anyone else is sending Mom or Dad messages? Did they mention wanting to hear from someone in the family? See who's sending messages and give a gentle nudge to those who haven't written in a while. Learn more

Tip #18: Message delivery frequency

Want messages delivered to the Printing Mailbox more often? Did you know that you can arrange for up to 5 dial-in times to the Presto Service each day? Set up more dial-in times. Learn more

Tip #19: Change delivery schedule

Want Mom or Dad to see your messages when they sit down for their morning coffee? Add more dial-in times or change the delivery schedule to the Presto Printing Mailbox. Learn more

Tip #20: Send an email

Approved Senders or Presto Friends can use any email program to send a message to the Presto user. In addition to sending messages from PrestoConnect, Account Managers can also send simple messages from their email account too. Learn more

Tip #21: Skip the post office

Have some forms you need to get to Mom or Dad? With Presto, you can attach a PDF document to any message and it will automatically print out on the Presto Printing Mailbox when delivered. Learn more

Tip #22: Medication reminder

Does she need some help when it comes to new medication? Schedule reminders for medicine or exercise. You can even set up one reminder to repeat, so she receives the printed reminder the same time every day. Learn more

Tip #23: Resources

Not sure how to handle changes in your parents' health or financial situation? Presto makes content from industry experts available right from your Presto Home Page or through a free monthly newsletter. Check it out. Learn more

Tip #24: New email address

Want to add your newest email address or cell phone number so your messages will be delivered to the Presto Printing Mailbox? Go to "Your Account" and update your information. Learn more

Tip #25: Change Presto Friends

Does your brother have a new email address? Did your nephew get a new cell phone number? Are their messages not reaching the Printing Mailbox? You can update Presto Friends contact information anytime. Learn more

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