Sending and Receiving Email Messages

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Q: How do I send an email to a Printing Mailbox user? Do I need special software?

First, make sure that you are on the Printing Mailbox user's Presto Friends list. Then, you can send email just like you normally do. Simply address your email to the Printing Mailbox user's Presto email address. The Presto Service is compatible with most email clients and web services, including Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, EarthLink Mail, Eudora, AOL, Apple Mail, and others. If your cell phone service offers email from your cell phone, we support that too. If you would like to Preview your email with photos prior to sending to the Presto User, click here to use the Presto Mail Preview tool.

If you are a Presto Account Manager, you can also create and schedule messages, reminders and to-do lists to be delivered to the Printing Mailbox by visiting your PrestoConnect Account Management homepage at

Q: Can I preview an email prior to sending?

A: If you would like to preview your Presto Mail prior to sending, click here and use the Presto Mail Preview tool.

Q: How do I let friends and family send me email?

A: Friends and family members must be added to the Presto Friends List so they can send email to your Printing Mailbox. To add someone to the Presto Friends list, you can do one of the following:

  • If you are the Account Manager, access your account at Once you sign in to the account, select the Presto Friends List button. You can then add a sender by clicking on the Add an Email Friend button.
  • If you are a Printing Mailbox user, you can add people to your Friends List using a Presto Friends Card. A sheet of these cards has already been printed on your Printing Mailbox. Simply give one card to each friend or family member you want to include.
  • Account Managers and Printing Mailbox users can also add people to the Friends List by calling Presto Customer Care at (800) 919-3199 between 6:30am-3:30pm (PT) Monday-Friday.

Q: When are messages printed? Can I change the delivery schedule?

A: The Printing Mailbox can check for messages up to five times a day. To change the times the Printing Mailbox checks for messages, please do the following:

  • Step 1 - Sign in to your Presto account at:
  • Step 2 - View the Printing Mailbox Activity & Settings panel on the bottom left of the page.
  • Step 3 - Click on the "Manage printer settings" link.

Review your currently scheduled times the Printing Mailbox checks for messages and make changes by selecting the drop down menus next to the current times. If you need assistance, please call Presto Customer Care at (800) 919-3199 between 6:30am-3:30pm (PT) Monday-Friday.

Q: Can I attach files to my email? If so, what attachment types are supported?

A: Yes, Presto currently supports the following types of email attachments: GIF, JPEG, PDF and BMP. If you would like to Preview your email with attachments prior to sending to the Presto User, click here to use the Presto Mail Preview tool.

Q: What type of digital photos and images can I send?

A: Presto currently supports the following image formats: GIF, JPEG, and BMP.

Q: What happens to email that hasn't been delivered because the Printing Mailbox ran out of paper?

A: Don't worry: messages that didn't print because the Printing Mailbox was out of paper are not lost. Once you've added paper, the Printing Mailbox will resume printing messages.

Q: Can Presto users send email using the Printing Mailbox?

A: Presto users automatically receive email and photos without the cost and hassles of a computer and Internet account. Currently, Presto and the Printing Mailbox is a receive-only email service. Presto prints the senders phone number on each email that it delivers to allow the user to easily respond by phone.

Q: Can I reprint messages that are difficult to read or did not print because my Printing Mailbox was out of ink?

A: Unfortunately, no. Be sure to replace your print cartridge as soon as it starts running low on ink. If you would like a reprint of a message, you will need to ask the sender to resend it.

Q: I sent an email to a Printing Mailbox user, and it came back as a non-delivered message. What should I do?

A: You must be on the Printing Mailbox user's Presto Friends list to be able to send him or her email. Please contact the Account Manager or the Printing Mailbox user so that they can add you to their Presto Friends list.

If you sent one or more PDF attachments, check to make sure there is not a password on any of the documents. Also, if a PDF attachment has more than 20 pages to be printed, it will be sent back to you as non-delivered. You can separate out PDF attachments that are less than 20 pages and resend separately.

Q: Should I limit the size of messages that I send to the Printing Mailbox?

A: Your email provider may limit the size of files that you are allowed to send from your email address. If certain messages are returned to you, they may be too large. Please contact your email provider to verify whether or not an email file-size limitation exists. If you are still having trouble, you might try reducing the number of photos you have attached.

PDF attachments that are more than 20 pages will not be printed and the message will be returned to the sender as non-delivered.

Q: What is a Presto Friends Card?

A: Each Presto user has an approved senders list, called a Friends List, that controls who is approved to send them email. This ensures the Presto user does not receive any spam, ads, or junk mail. The Presto Friends Cards are printed on the user's Printing Mailbox. The user then distributes these cards to friends and family members, who in turn add themselves to the user's Friends List and become approved senders. Once this is completed, the user's friends and family can start sending email and digital photos to the Presto user.

Q: How many times can a Presto Friends Card be used?

A: Each Presto Friends Card can be used only once and each card only adds one person to the friends list. If you need more cards, you can request that another sheet of cards be printed.

Q: How can a Presto user request an additional sheet of Presto Friends Cards?

A: To request an additional sheet of Friends Cards, a Presto user can either call Presto Customer Care (800) 919-3199 between 6:30am-3:30pm (PT) Monday-Friday or ask the account manager to request another sheet via the Account Management Website

Q: I was given a Presto Friends Card. How do I use it?

A: First you must visit Follow the instructions on the page to become an approved sender.

Q: I already added myself to the Presto Friends List. How can I update that information?

A: In order to change your contact information, you must either contact the account manager, or ask the Presto user for another Presto Friends Card.

Q: I successfully added myself to a Presto Friends List, but the email I sent bounced back. What should I do?

A: First, make sure you are sending from the same email address that you added to the Friends List. Each time an email is added to the Friends List, Presto sends a welcome email to the email address that you entered. If you did not receive the welcome email, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. To correct this, either contact the Presto user and request a new card, or contact the account manager and request that your email address be corrected.

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